Wacky Doodle Art Entries and Winners

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Winners were announced in a live meeting on Saturday, November 7, 2020, at 10:30am and posted on our Facebook page.

6-8 Year Old Winners:

Grace 1st place

1st place: Grace M.

Shivali - 2nd place

2nd place: Shivali P.

3rd place: Emma D.

9-10 Year Old Winners:

Navya - 1st place

1st place: Navya S.

Beatrix - 2nd place

2nd place: Beatrix M.

Sophia - 3d place

3rd place: Sophia S.

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Kids put in a lot of effort to participate in this contest. Enjoy everyone’s art!

6-8 Year Old Entries

9-10 Year Old Entries