Smart Core Labs: Teaching Kindergartners Coding

Camppedia was founded by parents for parents and one thing we heard over and over again while talking to other parents was that they wanted to know more about the camps they are sending their kids to and there wasn’t really a third party rating system of camps. We took this request to heart and decided to interview as many camps as possible in the Houston area to learn more about the camps and start developing a rating system that parents could rely on.

Our goal of these interviews is to showcase the transformation of kids going through a camp’s program as well as provide extra information to parents that isn’t always available on the camp’s website.

There is only one facility in Houston that is teaching kids as young as 4 years old coding, and it’s Smart Core Labs. Smart Core Labs is a family owned business established 2 years ago that has set out to equip children with the skill sets needed for jobs of the future. When we interviewed the owner he said he saw that schools weren’t teaching the skills that children will need for future jobs, many of which he believes haven’t been created yet.

The skill sets Smart Core Labs focuses on developing are critical thinking, problem solving skills, coding, engineering, and robotics. Smart Core Labs has developed a unique curriculum used through their fall, winter, spring, summer, in-school, and after-school programs. The curriculum focuses on science, machines, art & animation, robotics, and technology. 

The days are highly structured and the kids will come out of camp with tangible skills that they can continue to build upon through the rest of the year. During the first day at camp, a child’s custom curriculum is developed based on their particular skill set to ensure they receive the most out of their time at Smart Core Labs. 

Because there is a lot of screen time in the programming at Smart Core Labs, kids are not allowed to use screens during their break and are encouraged to play board games with fellow campers. We felt this was something unique about the camp experience that parents would love to know about!

Over Smart Core Labs’s 2 year existence they have worked with over 1,800 children, many of which love the program so much they keep attending after summer is over. Smart Core Labs believes the transformation a child experiences through their programming is the development of a skill set that will set them up for success.

Unique things about the camp experience at Smart Core Labs:

  • Every program is hands on and interactive
  • Instructors are all full time teachers that go through a 5 day training to be qualified to teach at Smart Core Labs
  • Smart Core Labs collaborates with other local organizations to do special programming such as film making and art animation
  • Smart Core Labs is working with schools to do programming 1 day a week during class time
  • On weekends Smart Core Labs offers private lessons for kids and their parents

See Smart Core on Camppedia | Visit the SmartCore website