My School POD

Need help with online school this fall?

We at Camppedia want to help families find the right in-home learning coaches to support you when schools start online this fall.

In-home POD not for you? Find a drop-off center here.

We currently serve the Houston area

Find a POD instructor

I have kids in school myself and understand the uncertainty and stress of trying to keep my kids safe while ensuring they get a good education. We launched “My School Pod” service to:

  • Help kids manage their online schooling and excel academically
  • Provide a safe environment for kids to socialize
  • Give parents time back and peace of mind
  • Provide a source of income to local educators

If you need help with online school this fall, we’ll match you with a learning coach based on your personal needs. Usually a few families bring their kids together to form a small group of kids (a “POD”). If you don’t already have a POD, we’ll help you form one. PODs are designed to maintain a consistent group of kids to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19. PODs can meet in a private home or at a drop-off center.

We work with a variety of partners to match you with the right coach, whether a certified teacher, a dual-language instructor, or a student with childcare experience.

Within 30 minutes after you submit the form, you’ll receive an email with more information. We’ll start looking for the right coach and we’ll reach out to make sure we understand all your requirements and provide more details on the service and pricing. Contact us with any questions or if you don’t get the email.

A home POD not for you?

You can drop off your child at a learning center for supervision and support with online school work – see a list of centers here.