Children Learn How to Be Responsible Pet Owners at Houston Humane Society Camps

Camppedia was founded by parents for parents, and one thing we have heard over and over again while talking to other parents was that they want to know more about the camps they are sending their kids to, and there isn’t a third-party rating system for camps. We took this request to heart and decided to interview representatives from as many camps as possible in the Houston area to learn more about the camps and start developing a rating system that parents could rely on.

Our goal with these interviews is to showcase the transformation of kids going through a camp’s program, as well as provide parents with extra information that isn’t always available on the camp’s website.

Children who participate in the Houston Humane Society’s camps leave with a deeper appreciation for animals, greater empathy, knowledge of how to treat animals humanely and be a responsible pet owner. Children from the ages of 7 to 13 can choose from Companion Camps during the summer and a Winter Holiday Camp during students’ winter breaks from school.

The summer camps are one week long and run throughout the summer months. During this camp, children learn about animals through interactive show-and-tell sessions with expert guest speakers, observations, veterinarian lessons, crafts, and games, as well as hands-on interaction and free-play with the shelter animals for two hours each day. Topics and speakers change each week and may include therapy dogs, animal cruelty investigators, dog trainers, wildlife rescue, horses, or reptiles.

The structured curriculum is designed to provide children with opportunities to learn about, appreciate, and love animals. This includes outdoor games and activities in the morning and indoor games and activities in the afternoon. The two hours of play time are split up with one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, and they encourage children to learn how to interpret cues for animal body language. Children may choose to watch a spay or neuter surgery at the end of the week.

The Humane Society has offered summer camps for more than 20 years. According to the camp director, children often want to stay longer when their parents come to pick them up.

During the Winter Holiday Camp, children learn about animals, just as they do in the summer camp. The difference is that the Holiday Camp is one day shorter, and the children use some of that time to make holiday crafts. You can choose to sign your children up for all four days of the camp or individual days, so it is flexible enough to fit into busy holiday schedules.

Unique things about Houston Humane Society’s camps include:

  • There are multiple opportunities for learning through interactions with animal experts and hands-on play time with shelter animals.
  • Students may choose to watch an actual spray or neuter surgery.
  • In addition to summer camps, there are camps during winter breaks that offer flexibility to accommodate busy schedules.

Check out Humane Society’s camps on Camppedia or their website.