Cancelled Camps for Summer 2020

We are trying hard to keep our Camp Explorer camp finder list up to date for summer 2020. Camps that are confirmed closed are removed from that list and will not show up.

If you are unsure whether a camp is missing from our list or is cancelled, below you will find a list of all camps confirmed cancelled with us:

  • Alley Theatre
  • AFA Summer Music Festival
  • Language Kids World cancelled all in-person camps but offers virtual camps.
  • Boy Scouts of America Sam Houston Area Council
  • Camp Cho-Yeh
  • The Houston Zoo
  • The Kinkaid School
  • Rainard School for Gifted Students
  • Solaris Pediatric in person camps (they offer virtual camp)
  • Sunset Heights Art
  • Yorkshire Academy

Let us know if any other camps are closed this summer.