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Texas Rock Gym – Indoor Rock Climbing | Fall | Spring | Winter

How eager was your child to go to camp every day?
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How would you rate the quality of the camp activities or instruction?
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"Poor poor management of youth. Rock Climbing is inherently dangerous and these kids had very little supervision. Breakdown was like 30 kids to one staff. Young staff not very involved with the youth. I wouldn't recommend at all."

Camp Provider Reply

We are sorry to hear that your child did not enjoy their time at a Texas Rock Gym camp. You are correct that climbing can be a dangerous activity if done improperly, so safety is always our utmost concern. We maintain a minimum of at least one camp counselor per ten children and always have additional staff around that are not specifically working with the camp that can step in at any time if anything unsafe were to occur. We love our camp kids, but not everyone is as thrilled about climbing as others, so we hope you will you will find a camp that better suits your child’s interests.

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