About Us

We are parents, who, after a few years of painfully navigating the process of organizing our children’s activities decided it was time to do something about it – for ourselves and for all the parents who spend many precious hours on planning instead of their children.

We are also professionals with over 20 years of experience developing consumer & commercial products that have the skills to take a pipe dream and turn it into reality.

We partnered with parents and providers to re-imagine the entire process and we set a bold destination in mind – we want to become the one-stop-shop that every parent and kids activity provider thinks of first. We started with camps and are expanding into classes and school-time help.

Meet the team

Ana Palaghita

As a working mother with two kids, I experienced first-hand the stress of planning for the summer. I am bringing over 15 years of experience in financial services, designing products and digital experiences to delight customers. I have effectively optimized marketing budgets in excess of $200M and managed large tech development teams and I am excited to use all this experience as an advisor to make Camppedia an amazing platform.

Tudor Palaghita

I have spent several years trying to find and plan enriching and meaningful summer camps for my two little girls in the Houston area. Hours of online searching, talking to friends, creating spreadsheets and texting with other parents to coordinate camps have convinced me there has to be a better way. With a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, I have spent over 10 years developing state of the art, highly engineered hardware systems. I understand requirements, technology, and what it takes to build a successful product. As a father and an engineer, I am obsessed with details and optimizing the platform to deliver unparalleled experiences for parents and value for camp providers. I run the daily operations and oversee the Camppedia technology and platform development.

Andres Diaz

My wife and I live in California and recently had our first child. Just like most new parents, child care that meets our needs is a top concern. I want to turn that around with Camppedia and bring the fun back to summer camp planning. I am an e-commerce veteran. Since the mid 2000s I have been helping fortune 100 retailers and brands around the world start or accelerate their digital transformation. Leveraging people, technology and processes, I developed back and front-end operations to meet the continuous evolving expectations of today’s customers. Most recently I took the Chief of Staff role for the Digital channels of a $17B specialty retailer. I leverage my business and digital acumen to advise on building a unique customer experience and best in class operational model at Camppedia.


Lilah has several years of experience attending summer camps and is not shy about providing feedback on website features and design. She is responsible for providing the official “kid seal of approval”.

Mina & Gabi

Mina & Gabi have seen Camppedia become reality, from the first idea sketches. They have been sampling summer camps and been eager to tell me about their daily camp experiences. As young artists, they wanted to create graphics for the site and been super excited to see their drawings on the web.

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