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Tired of spending hours running to camp fairs, calling around to get information, or scouring the internet to find just the right camps for your children? So are we.

We’re here to make it easy for you to plan your children’s school breaks so you can focus on what matters most
– your family.

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Comprehensive listing of camps in our active service area* searchable by all the things that matter to you: location, activity type, schedule, price, reviews. Easily save your pick to your favorites.

Simple yet in-depth camp information pages that make it easy for you to learn more about camps without having to scour the web, send emails, make calls, or attend camp fairs

To provide extensive camp information, Camppedia may create camp listings with information collected from public sources. While we do our best to maintain accuracy please be aware that information might have errors or be out of date. The camp provider has not endorsed this information nor do these listings represent an endorsement by Camppedia of the camp provider. Please see our full terms for details.


Take the stress out of planning. Seamlessly transition from exploring camps to planning your schedule with our “Favorites” and “Schedule builder” features.

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