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Get unbiased advice from other parents

Get unbiased advice from other parents

Join the Parents 2 Parents Facebook group on Kids activities, camps, classes. Get recommendations, advice, tell your stories.
Need help with online school?

Need help with online school?

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Organized Camps

Organized Camps

All in one place

Unlike the traditional way of finding the camp you need, Camppedia has an organized library of camps that makes finding the right camp easier than ever.

Camp Details

Camp Details

All in one place

Find all the information you need to make your decision easier while choosing a camp for your kids.

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Your Favorite Camps

Personal & Built by You

On Camppedia you can store your favorite camps so you never lose them.

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Take the stress out of planning

Planning can be painful and time-consuming. We built our scheduling calendar so you’ll spend less time planning and more time with your family.

Parent Testimonials

After 5 minutes on Camppedia, I had a whole list of camps that met my requirements! Thank you, Tudor and team.

Kaitlyn A., Houston TX

So glad that finally someone is taking a step [towards] this. I personally had and still have frustrations to find camps for my kids… Good luck.

Ahmed S.

Your kids deserve the best experience, but not at the expense of your time and sanity

Your kids will no longer miss out

Camppedia connects you with over 300 camps within the Houston area, ensuring your kids NEVER miss out on a camp that wasn't on your radar.

No more hours of searching...

Remember those hours of searching camp websites to see if there was availability or the camp offered sessions for your kids' age group? Those days are long gone with the Camppedia platform.

Welcome to the future

Camppedia was built by parents who have felt your pain and understand there needs to be a more enjoyable and efficient way to find enriching experiences for our children. Welcome to Camppedia.

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Due to COVID uncertainty, most camps have not finalized their summer schedules. We will do our best to constantly update Cammppedia. Expect some updates as late as April